6 Nutrient-rich Catfish Food Alternatives

There are several nutrient-rich catfish foods that can accelerate the growth of catfish properly and effectively. In addition, these foods can be used as alternative food for catfish farmers who do not want to only feed with pellets.

Here are these alternative foods.

1. Flies Maggots

The first recommended catfish food is fly maggots. Fly maggots or also known as maggot flies are natural food that can be given to help accelerate the growth of catfish.

Fly maggots have a high protein content which can increase the metabolic rate of fish. That way, fish can grow faster and avoid various diseases.

2. Rucah Fish

The next catfish food is IRucah fish. Trash fish is also one of the catfish feeds with high protein content. This content of course can help catfish quickly develop and grow big.

Not only that, trash fish also has a delicious taste and is liked by catfish. That way, catfish can eat voraciously and grow more rapidly.

3. Snails

The next nutrient-rich catfish food is snails. Not inferior to several other types of catfish food, snails also have high protein content and other useful nutrients. This is also one of the types of feed that catfish prefer, so that catfish can grow big with good quality.

4. Catfish Feed Worm

You can also give catfish feed worms as catfish food that is rich in nutrients. Types of worms that are suitable for consumption of catfish food are silk worms or earthworms.

It is known, this type of worm has a high protein content even higher than beef or goat. But before giving this food, you need to wash the worms first so as not to make the catfish pond cloudy and dirty.

5. Poultry

The next nutrient-rich catfish food is poultry. You can give poultry meat as catfish feed because it has a high enough protein content which is good for catfish growth. You can give poultry meat or other pieces of poultry offal as catfish feed

6. Tofu Dregs Fermentation

The next catfish food that can be given is fermented tofu dregs. Tofu dregs are often used as animal feed ingredients, including catfish. You can mix 5 kg of tofu pulp with 5 kg of bran, 1 kg of molasses, 1 kg of fish meal, 200 ml of fishery probiotic EM4, and 2 tablespoons of tempeh yeast.

Place the catfish feed mixture into a container with a lid with a hose hole so that oxygen can still enter. Wait up to 5 days, and the fermented tofu dregs can be immediately used as catfish feed.

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