Step by step

Before starting, make sure you have the following equipment and needs ready:

1. Prepare a bucket of 80 liters or 50 cm in diameter.

2. Seedlings of catfish.

3. Strimin / cover (you can use anything).

How to cultivate catfish in a bucket is as follows:

1. Punch a hole in the bucket at the bottom of the side for the drain. You can also apply a water faucet to the channel to make it easier to drain.

2. Fill the bucket with water. However, the water that is filled should not be too full. The goal is that the catfish can take air well.

3. Leave the water for 3 days so that it is not too acidic. If the water is too acidic, add half a tablespoon of table salt. That way, the water will have a neutral pH.

4. Add 60 catfish seeds for the maximum number of bucket sizes.

5. For water circulation, give an aquarium filter. In addition, the filter will also ensure the availability of sufficient oxygen for the catfish.

6. Use strimin / other cover to cover the bucket so that the catfish does not jump.

7. Make sure the bucket is placed in an empty area that gets sunlight (no need to be large).

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